Foster Family

If you’d like to invite a child into your home, please consider joining us as a foster family. We’re looking for families whose houses are brimming with the love of God. Send us a message if you’re interested.

Community Volunteer

If you live in the Cañon City or Pueblo area and would like to volunteer in child care or at one of the thrift stores, please call the office at (719) 275-5242.

Voluntary Service Worker

New Horizons provides many opportunities for voluntary service workers. Being a nanny makes a difference in a child’s life while learning many practical life lessons under the mentoring of an experienced couple. The thrift store develops work ethic, business principles, and community interaction, while investing into our child care program. House parents are given the opportunity to mentor youth workers, mothers, and assist in the care of the children. Each person is a key part in making a difference in the lives of children and their families.

If you have interest in serving, please fill out our volunteer application. Completing the application is not a commitment to serve, but allows us to present opportunities to you to serve in your gifts and abilities. This can be completed online and submitted via email, or can be printed and sent to our main office.

Guys Discipleship Program

“New Horizons is a great place to be. I can not imagine how my life would have been different if I had come as a young man out to this place.” —Matt Overholt, Prison Ministry Director

Seeing life altering change year after year in young men who embrace God’s purpose has motivated us to develop a structured, intentional program for personal growth. It includes reading, hands-on ministry, attending business meetings, and other enriching assignments.

There are three areas of a participant’s life that are targeted:

  • Spiritual Life: It’s from the heart that a man’s life flows (Proverbs 4:23), and we believe this area of his life is worth premium time and attention.
  • Relationships: Every young man is influenced by and influences other people; we help him make the most of those connections.
  • Business/Finance Skills: Properly using the resources God has given to him is an excellent way for a young man to honor God.

If you desire this personal growth in your own life, download our volunteer application and send it to us. Few things make us happier than seeing young people pursing God with their lives.

From a House Parent

“When coming to New Horizons, I never imagined I could become such good friends with incarcerated women. They are people … they are moms … they laugh and cry and share with me…. I never knew that I could care so much and hurt so deeply with them over the bad choices they make, or that I could feel such compassion for their souls. The most important and rewarding conversations are the ones where we talk of Jesus’ love and forgiveness, and how HE can change their hearts and lives!”-Trish Hostetler, former House Parent