Let me share a day in prison with you

I get to prison around 7:45 check in. Check out keys, grab the mail out of the chaplain’s box and head down to the chapel to open up. There are usually two clerks already there cleaning and preparing for the day. We normally have a time of prayer first thing, then on the 8:50 movement we have open chapel for guys to come in to study, listen to music, read or watch videos. That goes until 10:50 when they have to go back for count. Either myself or one of the associate chaplains are in the chapel during this time, our office is open and guys can come for on-on-one counseling, for prayer, or just to talk. The days that there is another chaplain here I generally go out to the dorms, I try to get over the whole prison once a week. We have four cell houses, a lockup unit, and an infirmary, with about 980 men in territorial correctional facility. In the afternoon, at 1:30, we open the chapel again until 4:00 when it is time for count. God is opening many doors here, and we are praying that in the near future we can offer part-time and full-time opportunities for prison ministry. The fields are white, is God calling you to help harvest?

Matt Overholt