Reintegration is our ministry to the moms – both before and after they are reunited with their child.

The ministry to the mothers is challenging, rewarding, and necessary to the ministry here. We interact closely with the moms as they journey through a very tough time of their lives. It doesn’t take long to realize that these precious women are in a battle for their souls that they cannot fight on their own.

A few ways we prepare them for a successful life is through Bible Correspondence Courses, a “Mom’s Inspiration” time during the visit in prison, and one-on-one counseling and mentoring for those who live locally. We also are able to provide jobs for some of them upon their release.

Upon the mother’s release from prison, she is able to come to New Creations Inn, a local transitional housing program. New Creations Inn mentors the mother as she gets established back into society, while a job is provided at New Horizons Thrift Store. When she graduates from the program at New Creations Inn, we are able to provide long-term housing and a community at Oasis Park, a New Horizons owned mobile home park. Here she has what we each need, a community to be with, and a group of people to spend the holidays with. It is so rewarding to see the growth of the moms as they interact with our staff and community partners.

We work primarily with the woman who finds herself incarcerated and pregnant. Many times she is also without family or loved ones who are able to provide care for the baby she is carrying. We begin to establish a relationship with mom while she is still pregnant by spending time with her in weekly visits.



“I just recently went through the reintegration process. It was a very emotional time for everyone involved. I truly feel that the whole process really does work in the best interest of the kids. I really liked that we prayed together and released the babies from their care into mine. I feel that reintegration is a bitter-sweet thing. Our nanny was an awesome person who loved my kids. All around it improved the transition with my kids and made it as easy as could be on the kids.”