New Horizons Ministries moved to Cañon City in 1999 to better fulfill its ministry of caring for children whose parents are incarcerated. However, the greater population of Cañon City knew nothing of the ministry happening here. As the ministry continued to expand, the need for more financial support grew. In 2005 the New Horizons Ministries board approved opening a thrift store in downtown Cañon City, and in 2008 a second store was established in the Pueblo area. These stores cover approximately 50% of the New Horizons Ministries’ operating expenses. The thrift stores also provide many other opportunities for ministry.

Community Interaction

Since the day we opened our first store, God has been bringing opportunities to affect and influence our community. The day-to-day interaction has provided an important connection between New Horizons Ministries and the community. The stores have allowed compassionate people of the community to connect with and support the cause of caring for children and their families by their patronage of the stores. A tithe (10%) of our net profit is given to causes outside our organization, with half of this tithe going to support Loaves and Fishes, a local organization committed to helping individuals in need. Visit our Community Partners page to find out more about supported organizations.

Employment and Mentoring for “Moms”

Another opportunity made possible by the thrift store is providing jobs for the mothers in our program to help them reintegrate successfully into society. Employment is one of the largest obstacles for anyone who has been incarcerated. The thrift stores provide an environment where moms can learn good work ethic, build trust, and gain experience that will be an asset for future jobs.


The thrift stores are partially staffed by volunteers from across the country who come for a year of service. This gives youth an opportunity to learn the potential of a positive team and see the positive difference made through a good work ethic and a diligent use of their time for a good cause. If you are interested in joining our volunteer program, please fill out an application today!


Pueblo Store

Cañon City

Canon City Store