New Thrift Store Design

Thrift Store Relocation Overview

Our thrift stores have been blessed far beyond the original vision! We continue to rely on God for donations and customers, and he has provided far beyond what we expected! In March 2015, the Board of Directors approved the relocation of the Pueblo Thrift Store. Purchasing a building will increase the profitability of the store, as it not only eliminates the lease payment, but also will require fewer staff to operate.

A property was purchased in January, and renovations have begun. We have committed to stay debt-free as a ministry, so we are relying on God to provide the resources to complete this project.

Fundraiser Status:

Raised (969)
Pledged (51k)
Still Needed (400k)

Thrift Stores Benefit to the Ministry

Mission Income:

Thrift Store (54%)
Other Income (46%)

As a result of the added income from the Thrift Stores, we have been able to:

  • continue providing premium childcare for families in need;
  • provide a community with housing for mothers reintegrating into society;
  • employ a full-time Chaplain in a local prison and multiple part-time Chaplains;
  • provide a Chaplaincy Apprentice program:
  • and fund capital projects for children and mothers.

The thrift stores also give local supporters an opportunity to get involved through donating and purchasing merchandise.

The Pueblo Store’s Lease Payments

Pueblo Store Income:

Net Profit
Lease Payment
Other Expenses (Not Accounting for Overhead)

Although the Pueblo store currently has higher gross sales than the Cañon City store, after expenses are accounted for, Cañon is making more net profit than Pueblo. The most significant difference between these is the lease payment, which adds up to 180k per year. This represents 5,500 employee hours per year just to cover this one expense.

New Property Development

Last January (2016) we purchased a property on the corner of a busy intersection in a fast-growing area of Pueblo. It is also across from a grocery store, an ideal location for a thrift store. Unfortunately, the buildings that came with the property are not suitable for our needs. We’ve developed a twelve-phase plan for reconstruction:

  1. Initial Site and Building Planning (Complete)
  2. Demolition (Complete)
  3. Permits/Building Down Payment (Complete)
  4. Steel Building (Complete)
  5. Walls/Plumbing Rough In (Complete)
  6. Floor/Electrical Rough In
  7. Interior Walls/Insulation
  8. HVAC/Interior Finishes
  9. Sprinkler/Electric/Plumbing
  10. Exterior/Landscape Dress Up
  11. Sign/Floor Finish
  12. Parking Lot/Final Details

The projected cost of $1.38m includes materials, labor, and a margin for unexpected expenses. We are looking for generous individuals and businesses to volunteer for the project or donate building materials. This will greatly reduce the cost of the project, allowing us to focus more funds on ministry opportunities.

Get Involved


Ask God for provision. He has already provided in miraculous ways and we couldn’t think of anywhere we’d rather go for help.
Pray for favor with the building officials. There’s a lot of legal work to process and we seek God’s blessing in this area.


Watch with us as the phases are completed one by one as you contribute you skills in seeing this project through. We are looking for both groups and individuals. Specialized labor can cut down costs tremendously!

Contact us to volunteer for this project.

Give Financially

Support the ministry of New Horizons by investing in this project. Your investment now will multiply its return for many years.


Fundraiser Status:

Raised (969)
Pledged (51k)
Still Needed (400k)

Updated October 20, 2017